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All About Cellulite

Cellulite is an accumulation of old fat cell clusters that solidifies and hardens as the surrounding tissue loses its elasticity.
Cellulite affects around 90 % of women and 10 % of men during their lifetime. On the surface, cellulite appears as lumpy or dimpled skin. However, the process of developing cellulite is more than skin deep.
The puckering of skin happens when the layer of fat beneath the skin pushes against connective tissue and bulges, causing the characteristic orange-peel or cottage cheese appearance. For women, the risk of developing cellulite increases with age and peaks near menopause. Hormonal changes, specifically a decline in estrogen levels, may contribute to changes in circulation and a reduction in the production of collagen.

Other risk factors include high levels of insulin  and catecholamines, both integral in the breakdown and storage of fat molecules.

Besides being cosmetically unappealing, cellulite really is unhealthy. Toxins and petrochemicals tend to accumulate in fatty tissue, contributing to hormonal imbalance, neurological problems and a higher risk of disease.
Women have a higher risk of developing cellulite as there is a significant difference in the way their connective tissue and fat cells are arranged compared to men. Fat cells in women tend to be arranged vertically under the skin.

Facial Reflexology, Dien Chan, Thermie Roll Treatment, Essential Oil Therapy, Color Therapy and Lymph Drainage Techniques, including Cupping are wonderful modalities that can reduce both cellulite and the appearance of cellulite. 

What are all these treatments you may ask, or you may already have had some of them at my office. No worries I will explain them.

Facial Reflexology: is in some ways similar to foot reflexology, we work areas on the face that stimulate areas throughout the body. However all forms of reflexology have different benefits and for cellulite I recommend Facial Reflexology.
Dien Chan: is a form of Facial Reflexology that was developed in Vietnam. We specific neurological points on the face and head. There are some techniques within Dien Chan when I work directly on the body also. 

The Thermie Roll: is a Japanese treatment using a special installment that I place a heated herb stick inside and roll it on your skin. The selected herbs work on a cellular level and is wonderful in warming up the tissue in order to address the cellulite.

Essential Oils: have proved beneficial in treatments for cellulite and lymph drainage. In particular, grapefruit and the citrus oils and Ledum,Rosemary and Cypress. 

Color Therapy: - ahh this much ignored amazing therapy, light enters through our eyes and our skin, it then travels to the brain and can change the function of all endocrine glands.

Lymph Drainage Techniques: go hand in hand with treating cellulite, the lymph has to clear the fat away right?
Cupping:is a great treatment for cellulite as when suction is applied on the skin, the reverse pressure causes the cellulite to break up. Blood circulation is stimulated, and the fat and toxins that are released are moved to the lymph drainage network. 

If you are interested in treating your cellulite, let me develop a treatment plan for you. It will be put together just for you, drawing from the wonderful modalities that I do. You can focus on specific areas, building your treatment around what is important to you - here are some examples.

Cellulite Buttocks and Back

Cellulite Abdominal

Cellulite Legs and Thighs

Cellulite Arms

All treatment sessions include a reflex drainage treatment and the application of my special emotional well being essential oil blend for your condition.

Receive a gift of a customized wellbeing essential oil blend with a 4 session package

Do those beautiful thighs and perky buttocks have ripples and dimples, and you are hiding your stomach?! Welcome to the real world, 90% of woman and 10% of men will have cellulite at some time in their life.
The skin texture is irregular and may show bumps and dimples. The body is accumulating fat in the connective tissue beneath the skin.
You will see visible results from the first session, weekly sessions are recommended to see best results.
The objective is to
enhance kidney function to prevent fluid retention.
Improve lymphatic system to facilitate drainage of the fatty substances
Calm anxiety to avoid bad eating habits
Empower your treatment with self help do at home protocols

 Sessions are $100.00 for 60 minutes

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